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#001 | Mith |
Pending Jakob's approval to repost AIM logs. Don't really have the time to do it otherwise. PO3, what say you?

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#002 | Mith |
Right, so maybe tomorrow night. G'night all. And damn you, Jace. *shakes fist*

Anyone who acts like an idiot on this board gets treated like one. If you want to act the hormone-driven drool-monkey, you'll get mocked for it.
#003 | Jacehan |
This is my fault? Yes!
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#004 | GMTELigence |
Sorry guys. If Gary didn't get my message, approval granted.
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#005 | freepizza |
xXMithril5Xx: I've taken up raising goats and it's been eating up a lot of my time.
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#006 | Mith |
MithrilSword4 (12:25:57 AM): How have you been?
TheJakobEffect (12:26:35 AM): After hitting perhaps my lowest, I've finally started to climb out of it. A couple potential jobs on the horizon.
MithrilSword4 (12:26:49 AM): What happened?
MithrilSword4 (12:27:11 AM): I thought you were doing well, though it has been awhile since we last spoke.
MithrilSword4 (12:27:33 AM): Spoke. What a load of crap. Wrote is more accurate.
MithrilSword4 (12:28:30 AM): Sorry, I seem to be very drunk this evening. I know that you are fairly straightlaced when it comes to that, but I haven't had anything to drink in 3 months and have very little to show for the effort.
TheJakobEffect (12:28:43 AM): I don't know if I told you about all that happened while I was on my trip. I got stood up by a girl, lost a few hundred in cash and gift cards when I lost my wallet, and got horribly burned. When I got home, I started having some serious issues with my parents based on my attitude, started slipping into mild depression based on a lot of things going wrong, and not having had any interviews yet.
TheJakobEffect (12:29:05 AM): Don't apologize to me. Though I don't partake, it doesn't mean i condemn.
TheJakobEffect (12:29:08 AM): At least not anymore.
MithrilSword4 (12:29:27 AM): Is this the chick in Florida? Maybe. . .
TheJakobEffect (12:30:05 AM): Yeah, the chick in Florida, who is crazy beyond crazy. Makes Stacie seem like the most levelheaded girl ever. Then again, Stacie is a whole other story.
TheJakobEffect (12:30:20 AM): More or less, I got so caught up in being everyone's savior that I neglected to save myself.
MithrilSword4 (12:30:48 AM): How odd, I don't seem to be able to tell when you are typing any longer. . .
MithrilSword4 (12:30:59 AM): Must have been when I upgraded Aim
TheJakobEffect (12:31:20 AM): I'm still using my old copy of Trillian.
TheJakobEffect (12:31:29 AM): Old habits die hard.
MithrilSword4 (12:32:43 AM): And there doesn't seem to be anything in my settings that would account for it. I may have to uninstall and re-install a lower version. I hate not knowing if something is coming.
MithrilSword4 (12:32:58 AM): Savior, eh? Story of my life.
TheJakobEffect (12:33:40 AM): Too many people kept dumping on me, and I tried to do everything for them. I just woke up one day and realized I was investing too much effort in them and getting nothing out of it.
TheJakobEffect (12:33:47 AM): So I figured I'd try to use that to fix myself.
TheJakobEffect (12:33:51 AM): And so far, so good.
MithrilSword4 (12:34:05 AM): Hang on a tick.
TheJakobEffect (12:34:10 AM): Alright
MithrilSword4 (12:35:24 AM): thejakobeffect Firefox Document 1,114 KB
MithrilSword4 (12:35:40 AM): All of that was spent trying to tell you exactly that.
TheJakobEffect (12:35:53 AM): Oh dear.
TheJakobEffect (12:36:17 AM): When it comes to myself as well as with girls, I'm a painfully slow learner.
MithrilSword4 (12:37:07 AM): No one else even comes close. Next up is TRC with 649 KB spent on hacking undeserved mods.
MithrilSword4 (12:37:38 AM): Sorry again. I shouldn't be attacking you.
TheJakobEffect (12:37:56 AM): Attack all you want.
TheJakobEffect (12:38:02 AM): Whatever brings catharsis.
MithrilSword4 (12:38:14 AM): No, none of it is your fault.
MithrilSword4 (12:38:45 AM): If I poured all of my rage into you, you'd likely make a road trip out to punch me in the face.
MithrilSword4 (12:39:02 AM): I suppose I should start.
TheJakobEffect (12:39:15 AM): Absolutely. I've tired of talking about myself.

Anyone who acts like an idiot on this board gets treated like one. If you want to act the hormone-driven drool-monkey, you'll get mocked for it.
#007 | Mith |
MithrilSword4 (12:41:42 AM): Three months ago, the world economy finally caught up with me. Much to my chagrin. I had managed to stave it off for over a year and a half. The problem started with the fact that the media had everyone afraid to spend any money at all. Capitalism can't survive long with that. Unfortunately, our entire country is based on it, so things went down the tube for a lot of good people. I know I watched at least 80 good contractors close up shop because of it, resulting in the loss of at least 400 people.
MithrilSword4 (12:44:24 AM): Luckily, I had seen it ahead of time and shifted the focus of the business from commercial and large scale new construction to many small scale remodelers and renovators. We even opened a division that was devoted to those people that didn't trust remodelers and wanted to just pay us for the entire job, be it replacing all of the windows and doors in a house to complete kitchen gut and replace. That staved off the inevitable for that year and a half I spoke of earlier.
TheJakobEffect (12:44:44 AM): Right.
MithrilSword4 (12:46:40 AM): Things finally caught up with us about three months back, though. The average joe was more convinced that saving their money in a regular bank was a better return than trying to improve their home. Fuck. There are three things that will normally always be needed to the regular guy. Food. Shelter. Water. Normally these things can always ride out a recession because they are absolutely necessary.
MithrilSword4 (12:48:46 AM): Normally. Unfortunately the weather didn't break this year and bring on the influx of remodeling that normally occurs. It has been raining on average of every 18 hours in the northeast for the last three months. I've been working 90 hours a week to try and keep things moving and had to reduce weekly paid hours for everyone in the company to 32. Not a popular decision, but it bought us some time.
MithrilSword4 (12:50:27 AM): Three weeks ago we reached the critical point. I pulled everyone (312 people) into a meeting and held a vote. We could not continue as we were without laying off at least 100 people. To do so would mean death by bankruptcy within a month. The vote was to determine the future of the company.
MithrilSword4 (12:51:04 AM): Either we lay off 100 or we liquidate everything and disperse it among everyone and send them all on their way.
MithrilSword4 (12:51:56 AM): The result was liquidation. I kinda figured it was going to go that way since the company lost 45 mil since February.
TheJakobEffect (12:52:19 AM): Oh dera.
TheJakobEffect (12:52:20 AM): *dear
MithrilSword4 (12:52:25 AM): This wasn't even the hard part.
MithrilSword4 (12:53:45 AM): I've since taken what capital I had left and started a smaller LLC with 15 employees that is doing ok. We're doing just over break even, which is fine by me considering the market we are trying to survive in.
MithrilSword4 (12:53:53 AM): sorry, brb
TheJakobEffect (12:53:58 AM): Okay
MithrilSword4 (1:01:53 AM): Also occuring 3 weeks back, Harriet had her first seizure in 7 years. It was a doozy. It completely shut her brain down for 29 hours and I was a wreck. I'm going to come clean on something I probably should have a long time ago. D is actually 6. I lied initially because I wasn't sure how an internet community on a gaming website was going to react to someone not only being married, but also having a child. I know better now. I was stuck trying to take care of a child who is aware of what is going on in a way, and a wife who wasn't responding to anything at all.
MithrilSword4 (1:02:33 AM): One week after that, my uncle had a seizure as well. I had never known that he was prone to them.

Anyone who acts like an idiot on this board gets treated like one. If you want to act the hormone-driven drool-monkey, you'll get mocked for it.
#008 | Mith |
TheJakobEffect (1:03:18 AM): For whatever reason I thought D was 5 or 6 already.
MithrilSword4 (1:03:48 AM): He is only 4 years older than me and spent his high school years living with his sister (my mother). He was with us for just over 4 years, so he was more of a brother to me than an uncle. And as far as PMS knows, he's 3.
MithrilSword4 (1:04:27 AM): He had his seizure while he was asleep. His 9 year old daughter, Mary, found him
MithrilSword4 (1:04:42 AM): Are you sure you are up to this? It is fairly gruesome.
TheJakobEffect (1:05:18 AM): I'm up to it.
MithrilSword4 (1:07:06 AM): She found him drowning on his own vomit while convulsing. She called her older brother CJ who then called the paramedics. It took them 16 minutes to respond (not friggin bad for a volunteer squad in Wilkes-Barre, PA) but at some point during that time, Chris died.
MithrilSword4 (1:07:41 AM): The responding EMT's managed to get him going again with CPR and kept him going with it till they reached the hospital.
MithrilSword4 (1:08:49 AM): At that point, they put him on a respirator and moved him to CCU (Critical Care Unit). A feeding tube was inserted after 6 hours of no response and things went into limbo for awhile.
MithrilSword4 (1:09:43 AM): Chris was never what you would call a respoible person and never took the time to make out a legal living will. Do you know what a living will is
MithrilSword4 (1:09:46 AM): ?
TheJakobEffect (1:10:21 AM): Is that what to do in case your living becomes dependent on machine?
MithrilSword4 (1:10:35 AM): Correct.
MithrilSword4 (1:12:25 AM): And more accurately, he made one, but it wasn't a legally binding contract in anyplace but a VA hospital. After HS he went into the military and was required to fill one out. Which is all well and good for a VA hospital, but the rest of the hospitals in the country require two witnesses and a notary to sign it for it to be valid.
MithrilSword4 (1:14:15 AM): The EMT's brought him to the closest hospital, which was a county hospital, no good. In his living will, he stated that myself and my other uncle were to decide what was best given the situation. I can't believe he would place that on our shoulders. Since the LW wasn't valid, though, control went to his mother.
MithrilSword4 (1:15:43 AM): Neither of us have the kind of time needed to describe how evil that drunken bitch is. Up till this point I had only met her once when I was about 5 and I still remember her screaming at just about everyone in sight. I thank my mother for sparing me from having to grow up knowing her.
TheJakobEffect (1:15:56 AM): Oh dear.
TheJakobEffect (1:16:00 AM): Is that your mom's sister?
TheJakobEffect (1:16:07 AM): Wait, nvm
TheJakobEffect (1:16:10 AM): Grandma?
MithrilSword4 (1:16:16 AM): Yup.
TheJakobEffect (1:16:18 AM): Sorry, long day.
MithrilSword4 (1:16:26 AM): Nasty old bitch.
MithrilSword4 (1:17:32 AM): She tried a week ago to pull the plug on Chris, stating that she wasn't about to be stuck with the bills for keeping a waste of life breathing. Charming, no?
MithrilSword4 (1:18:11 AM): Backing away from that for a minute, Chris had also made me godfather to his children.
MithrilSword4 (1:18:28 AM): So now, I have three kids instead of one.
TheJakobEffect (1:18:41 AM): Oh wow...
MithrilSword4 (1:19:03 AM): And I have to try and keep them sane throughout all of this and deal with having to decide the fate of their father.
MithrilSword4 (1:19:42 AM): I'll upload a pic of the room I have been renovating last minute for Mary to use. CJ is bunking with D.
MithrilSword4 (1:20:25 AM): We stopped her from killing Chris with a court injunction last week.

Anyone who acts like an idiot on this board gets treated like one. If you want to act the hormone-driven drool-monkey, you'll get mocked for it.
#009 | Mith |
MithrilSword4 (1:20:57 AM): Yesterday she managed to file one in secret and carried it out before we found out about it.
MithrilSword4 (1:21:35 AM): Chris passed away 3 hours after he was taken off of the respirator. 8:12 pm eastern.
TheJakobEffect (1:21:43 AM): :(
MithrilSword4 (1:22:05 AM): If I didn't suddenly have three kids to take care of, I would drive out and stab her.
MithrilSword4 (1:24:49 AM): And that is where we are at, currently. My uncle, Eddie, is unconcious on the couch (Rumpleminz), the kids all cried themselves to sleep at around 1030, Harriet is trying to placate me with food (god bless her heart, I've laid way too much on her the past few weeks and she keeps coming back for more), I'm 10 deep into a 12 pack of Killians and typing at you. And now I have to pee. brb
TheJakobEffect (1:25:09 AM): Okay.
TheJakobEffect (1:25:14 AM): And wow that's a crapload.
MithrilSword4 (1:26:27 AM): Like I said, FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU
TheJakobEffect (1:28:33 AM): I am not going to patronize you by saying it's all okay or I know how you feel or any of that hollow garbage.
TheJakobEffect (1:28:45 AM): Because it won't do a damn thing as far as placating anything.
MithrilSword4 (1:30:10 AM): I feel hollowed out.
TheJakobEffect (1:30:20 AM): But as much as I can do, half the country away (which probably means nothing more than listening, or more appropriately, reading), I'm there for ya.
MithrilSword4 (1:30:43 AM): The only thing keeping me going at this point is the children.
MithrilSword4 (1:31:24 AM): Someone has to step up through all of this shit and try to return their life to some kind of normalcy.
MithrilSword4 (1:31:34 AM): I just hope that I am up to it.
MithrilSword4 (1:32:00 AM): You should be getting a pic on your cell shortly.
TheJakobEffect (1:32:06 AM): Just got it.
TheJakobEffect (1:32:11 AM): And I believe you're more than capable.
MithrilSword4 (1:33:16 AM): I hope so. THey have nowhere else to go. And one of these days ( if it isn't too selfish to ask) I would like to get more than three hours of sleep a night.
MithrilSword4 (1:33:52 AM): Heh, do you think Jace would stop bitching about keeping PMS alive if I dumped this on him?
TheJakobEffect (1:34:31 AM): Yeah, he has a heart.
Anyone who acts like an idiot on this board gets treated like one. If you want to act the hormone-driven drool-monkey, you'll get mocked for it.
#010 | mimir227 |
Phew, dude. You've had it rough. I do hope you'll get to some kind of light at the end of the tunnel soon.

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#011 | Jacehan |
I do, in fact, have a heart.

I don't even know what to say in response, though, except wow, that really sucks. But I have confidence that you're more than capable, as Jakob said, to pull through. Easy for me to be optimistic, perhaps, but I can't help it. I true hope everything can work out (as much as it can), and soon.
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#012 | undertaker shy guy |
Jesus Christ

The kids should recover in time. It doesn't heal everything--and certainly there's no way to completely get past losing a parent--but it goes a long way towards making life a lot more livable.

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#013 | LinkPrime1 |
Your grandma is a asshole bitch

And I'm pretty sure a whole lot of other people will be sharing that thought soon enough, if not already.

Seriously though, shit man... You're not the first person that I've known who's gone on an internet hiatus and going through a shitstorm. Though, I know it's horrible to say this, you've had it a bit better than another friend of mine who vanished for 6 months (I'd rather not get into his story...)

I'm not sure how much it'll mean to you, but you've got my support through this. If you want/need someone else to talk to, I'm there. My AIM name is LinkPrime1, just in case you don't have it.
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#014 | willis5225 |
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#015 | ShadowSpy |
Wow, that's a lot to go through. Life really is a mean bitch sometimes.

Like said before though, I couldn't think of a more dependable, responsible man to take care of three kids...but in this economy, it's also a huge burden. There's not much we can do as an online community, but I hope you know that we are here for you, even if all we can do is listen (or read.)
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#016 | Smithy04 |
I'm so sorry to hear all of this, and don't really know what to say. =(

Well, I guess if you need a babysitter and are comfortable with shipping your kids in a box through UPS I'd be happy to babysit. >_>

Seriously though, you can always talk to me on AIM (Smithy980) if you need someone to talk to about anything.
#017 | PaperSpock |
I'm not sure what to say... That's horrible. I wish that there was something that I could do.
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#018 | Dont Interrupt Me |
She tried a week ago to pull the plug on Chris, stating that she wasn't about to be stuck with the bills for keeping a waste of life breathing. Charming, no?

How's a person even get like that?

You're a good man, Mith. The economy won't stay in the shitter forever, and like USG said the kids should recover. One day you'll all look back at this, and it'll still suck major but at least it'll be over.
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#019 | KycootheGBuster |
Gary, I disagree with your topic title entirely. You are a grown man with a life. You don't have to explain anything to us. Still, it's good to see you again :D. You're never on AIM anymore :(.

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