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Going to a masquerade tomorrow. Got a great outfit lined up.Kylo Force6
Welp, I'm screwedHeyDude9
Anyone else keeping tabs on Twitch Plays Pokemon?Jacehan12
Doing the Elder Scrolls beta run this weekendwillis52258
So I wrote another book. It's about sex.Kodiologist1
Willis, have you heard the recent murmurings about Ragnarok happening today?Kodiologist9
I'm having a business luncheon with a billionaire philanthropistwillis522510
Bringing a trend to its logical conclusion.Kylo Force4
This song from Matilda the Musical was so good.Jacehan5
Jung* man,PaperSpock4
PMS Meetup this summer?HeyDude23
A good friend of mine is in the ICU.Kylo Force6
I couldn't stop laughing, and felt the need to share this Frozen video...PaperSpock2
Willis is entertaining my girlfriend for the evefreepizza6
I own 75 board games.Jacehan7
Top 100 Games of All Time, According to GameFAQs: Voting!DetroitDJ12
Male or female huh? There should be a difference but probably not THAT big /voteLinkPrime16
So today's snow day, I'm going to play Civ3 and then go play TTAwillis52257
Wow, that was a one-sided game. (Superb Owl topic.)Jacehan15
I'm teaching Computer Science this semester.Jacehan6
Post what you're listening to RIGHT NOW v3.0LinkPrime116
Kodi, remember that time you mentioned that most snow sublimates?willis52255
My router died.Jacehan6
I'm not dead! Proof inside.Kodiologist5
Today's Poll is made for guys like mePooty Boy6
*Trumpets playing*BUM12
Holy ****, 5 days.Jacehan4
Ugh, my Amazon packages are being sent back or held.Jacehan6
Go Hawks.Kylo Force3
I can't tell if I'm always overprepared, or if my friends are underprepared.Kylo Force4
I am posting this topic from my computer in my new home.Jacehan7
So I quit my job todayLinkPrime13
People of PMS!HeyDude8
If vs. WhetherHeyDude5
My dad just had his second angioplasty.Kylo Force5
Adult Snow Dayswillis52255
So I accidentally removed this from my favorites...LinkPrime13
Happy New Year, errybuddyPaperSpock4
So I'm feeling like a terrible persondarknalareturns8
Merry Christmas, errbody.Kylo Force5
I finally put a quotes page on my website.Kodiologist1
So I got a Wii U.Jacehan5
This might be horrible of me to say....darknalareturns19
8 PM: "Hey, you wanna play Mage Knight? We have 4 hours to burn."DontInterruptMe4
Happy birthday, James!willis52255
I saw Frozen last night. (no unmarked spoilers)Kylo Force7
A special day for JamesBUM5
My Floopdarknalareturns8
I have too many Christmas presents to buy.Jacehan5
Jess and I gone have another babyHeyDude13
Eczema is the worstdarknalareturns7
Ugh, just burned my arm cooking.Jacehan6
D'awww @ today's xkcdwillis52255
I do not handle warm living accommodations welldarknalareturns1
2siblings being dumb:darknalareturns2
What's up with this snow....darknalareturns6
Whoa happy birthday to Nala bellBUM13
New Game Plandarknalareturns12
So, I'm like a total rebel now.PaperSpock9
My friend has an idea for a new kind of karaoke.Jacehan6
Did anyone watch The Sound of Music Live on Thursday?Jacehan6
Predictably, I love The Sing Off.Kylo Force1
So... who's gotten reviewed on Lulu?willis522510
Good Lord this TV is too big to use as a monitorHeyDude6
If you have a Playstation Network account this is importantzztman53
It's barely cracked above 30 degrees all week here.Kylo Force1
I'm so bad at public speaking.Jacehan4
Whoa, purge.Jacehan2
Random Poll #.2BUM8
I bought a turkey shaped breadwillis522510
Chappy Chanksgiving!Kodiologist5
I saw a romanesco for the very first time yesterday.Kylo Force14
GrowlersPooty Boy7
I'm off to a grad student conference!willis52253
I feel like I'm in a holding pattern.Jacehan6
I started a Game Makers Club at school.Jacehan2
Mother of God... There are no topics left!Pooty Boy8
What's your favorite moment from the Star Wars prequels?Ocarinakid29
Dude's Jace Ripoff Music Guessing Game Take Two UltimateHeyDude59
Post what you're listening to right now on here!!! *Take 2*LinkPrime110
Just stayed up all night playing games for Extra Life.Jacehan10
who is herezztman519
Virgin America's new in-flight safety video is incredible.Kylo Force6
Ugh, my phone isn't charging.Jacehan4
Ugh, I want to quit one part of my job without quitting the other part.Jacehan5
As often happens, tonight is a Halloween party and I don't have a costume.Jacehan4
Happy birthday DIM!Jacehan8
I seriously can't stand these "X number of things you need to know!" articles...LinkPrime16
What's the latest you've stayed out in the last year?Jacehan7
The Economist advertises on GameFAQs?LinkPrime111
So my board settings are now reset to 10 topics per page?LinkPrime15
Alex, sorry I didn't know any of the songs in your game.Jacehan6
I'm trying to start a Game Makers club at my school.Jacehan4
I really enjoy the subreddit Change My View.Jacehan3
I'm getting married!Pooty Boy16
My Adventures with Bed Bugs that Turned out Not to be Realwillis52257
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