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#001 | BUM |
I think I would like to grow my own vegetable garden one day, when I am more settled down. I like to entertain the rustic, romantic notion of hanging carrots by the bunch on hooks over a wooden kitchen counter, with a barrel of something in the corner, and a nice towel laid over it. And a few shelves on the wall stocked with onion (sweet onion especially, the best onion I know). Potatoes. A bag of flour.

I don't know if I'm being fanciful and waxing nostalgic, but then again, I feel like I would enjoy this and think about it a few times a week maybe.

Anyways. How many of you plan on, or have, a garden for vegetables?
Just a garden?
No way, Jose?
Not applicable?
#002 | BUM |

What kinds of vegetables would you grow?
#003 | Jacehan |
I don't see myself having a vegetable garden, but I can definitely see having an herb garden. There's no better way to keep herbs fresh than to leave them in the ground.
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#004 | FoxMetaI |
i'd probably be too lazy to keep growing them after eating the first harvest
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#005 | willis5225 |
Yeah, an herb garden sounds like a really sweet deal.
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#006 | HeyDude |
Having a vegetable garden is really nice. Last summer Jess grew one at Brad's and it does satisfy that romantic idea of a "good hard day of work" and things like that. It's very fulfilling. Plus, you get to make some really good chili/stir fry/whatever you think of, using your own creations.
#007 | BUM |
Herbs sound cool too, but I don't have the most developed sense of taste and tend to not really notice much of the subtler nuances that herbs provide (unless they are strong, like dill or garlic).

Cool. Yeah I might also see myself getting lazy about it.
#008 | FoxMetaI |
From: HeyDude | #006
Having a vegetable garden is really nice...

how difficult was it to tend?
"I'm not great at farewells, so uh... that'll do, pig."
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#009 | HeyDude |
Jess watered it once a day, maybe twice on hot days. The only real work was really at the beginning --getting the dirt loose and fertilized -- after that it's cooking-type work. Pick the vegetable when it's ripe and cut it up how you want it and make something delicious with it. So, not really much work.