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I want a cookie.

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#001 | kricketine |
Yes. Yes I do. :)
I also want this: http://www.photopumpkin.com/wp-content/uploads/cute-31.gif
#002 | Mith |

3/>- Gavi
#003 | kricketine |
Oh mannnn, those look so good. *stares at computer screen*

Behold, I am link girl! I come bearing links!

That video is so cool :)
#004 | BUM |
I recently had something called a monster cookie? Mobster cookie? I don't know.

Anyways, it was probably the best cookie I'd ever had. It was an oatmeal cookie, with chocolate chips, and Reese's PiecesĀ©. Man was it good!
#005 | willis5225 |
Set signature in options page.
#006 | Jacehan |
*is eating an M&M cookie*
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