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These pages mirror my Facebook status updates.

#707 |

SOCIAL-SKILLS TIP: If somebody announces they're having a baby, show polite interest. Ask "Why?"

#706 |

I was in a discussion on a furry Discord group and it turned out that four people there, me included, had gotten a head injury at a young age. I'm not a psychologist, but… oh wait. I am a psychologist. Yeah, in my professional opinion, furries are loopy.

#705 |

JRPGs have two kinds of enemies:

1. Elderly giant rats that give your characters' toes a perfunctory nibble before dying in ten seconds.
2. Superbosses with eight billion hit points that you can beat with an encyclopedic knowledge of mechanics that aren't explained anywhere in the game, so long as you have four hours to kill.

#704 |

In 1964, Donald Knuth proposed a test of an ALGOL compiler's support for recursion and references to variables in nested calling scopes. He called it the "man-or-boy test". This antiquated terminology promotes outmoded gender roles and toxic masculinity, so for a modernized and empowering alternative, I suggest calling it the "virgin-or-Chad test".

#703 |

Why are people so afraid of being canceled? You have to puzzle your way through like three phone menus and then get past two agents trying to sell you more stuff in order to cancel anything. If people are still canceling you despite all that hassle, maybe it's because you deserve it. Especially if you're a cable-television service.

#702 |

FACT-CHECK: The first use of the line "Whoa, we're halfway there." is actually only 38% of the way through the official music video of "Livin' on a Prayer".

#701 |

I have sadly been obliged to terminate my employment at Femboy Hooters. The so-called cleavage window in the new uniform is undignifying, and in light of the continuing pandemic, the dessert menu really should no longer have an option to tongue-kiss your waiter.

#700 |

In tonight's episode of Justice League, Grodd tries to sell off the entire population of Gorilla City as NFTs.

#699 |

Logic is just a scam to sell more theorems.

#698 |

The logo for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is so extra. Does it need that little lighting bolt inside the "o" when there's already a giant lightning bolt smack-dab in the middle? They should've spent the budget on an apostrophe instead.

#697 |

If 2020 was so bad, then why did they make a 2020 Two?