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I'm writing a yiff graphic novel about a band of canine seamen, to be titled Thirty Knots.

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Edutainment games I'd like to see:

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Murphy's law implies that given a sufficiently large dataset, if you check for any imaginable problem or inconsistency with the data, you'll find it. Numbers written out in words? Yep. Numerals with more than one decimal point? Yep. Every imaginable typo and abbreviation for a single name, plus several unimaginable ones? Prepare to be awed at human ingenuity in the art of getting things wrong.

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J. K. Rowling is a hypocrite, anyway. Where does she have Harry go to drink his Polyjuice Potions and snoop around in the Chamber of Secrets? That's right: a girls' bathroom.

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Closed species be like "Wanna draw your own picture of one of these fluffy dog-chicken hybrids with magenta spots? That'll be four hundred dollars."

#564 |

In the Twilight books, vampires are referred to as "the cold ones". So if you were eviscerating a vampire with your friends, that would be "cracking open a cold one with the boys".