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Crouching Moron, Hidden VengeanceZB30001
Sipping brandy, listening to a relaxing instrumental, viewing PMS...BUM3
How on Earth did I learn to speak, read, and write?undertaker shy guy3
Mark and nalaMith4
Only place my room stays clean is around my computer chair.freepizza3
YEAH Baby! BEST TOPIC EVERfreepizza4
Typing up interview transcripts is really annoying.Jacehan3
Ever wonder what it'd be like if Sir Ian McKellan recited the Ducktales theme?Jacehan5
I have recently discovered Babybel cheese, Cheez.PaperSpock4
Really, though, would you believe in a modern Jesus?FoxMetaI41
When did sexism start?KateEsq21
It's at this time of night I wish I had an owl for a friendTheCheezBounce26
I have recently discovered Babybel cheese....PaperSpock3
I think PMS is a pretty cool guySmithy044
I don't understand heavy metal's association with Satanismwillis52256
Windows-1252 now officially included in the Long, Long List of Stuff Kodi HatesKodiologist1
So I am a stones throw away from having multiple personality disorderTheLoneRebel3
ATTN: Jacehan or other mathematically minded people..PaperSpock8
According to folk wisdom, men and women are different in the following wayswillis52257
Well I'm single :'(Pooty Boy16
Top 5Jacehan12
Ask freepizza anything about dropping outfreepizza3
Man, am I the only one...TheCheezBounce15
I hate having unpitted olives in my salad.Jacehan10
I hate...nalabell4
I'm keeping an eye on this talk page.PaperSpock13
Critter looking ominously brickish barbarically executes rampages in Newark timeKodiologist3
I don't know what to do...FallofNeoKuja38
When I need a quick snack I grab Crunchy Frogfreepizza10
Laugh out loud timeSmithy042
Barbecue time.FoxMetaI1
Dialog boxes can be so cruel.Kodiologist4
Humble Indie Bundlewillis52258
Roller Coaster TycoonOcarinakid28
I dontfreepizza1
who Ioves thisFoxMetaI1
who loves thisnalabell1
Why, yes, GameFAQS... I DO have a swimming pool!Pooty Boy1
I'm moderately terrified for my future.Kylo Force4
Big problemfreepizza6
I'm graduating from college todayPooty Boy14
Norah JonesFoxMetaI4
Big problem 2freepizza2
"You suck at ninja!"PaperSpock3
Just got back from my first "information session" with the schoolUtarEmpire6
So much... tequila...Pooty Boy14
So I bought an iPad.Jacehan64
people need to keep their wordnalabell14
i feel the opposite of happynalabell3
Hullo AgainDarthMarth13
There are four lights!PaperSpock3
i'm fed up with the town i live innalabell6
I don't know what i should do for a job when i'm oldernalabell15
Socialism you can sink your teeth intoKodiologist1
Why can't we be friends?Smithy0412
PMS Roll Call, AKA "dud: who is here"Kodiologist17
Okay, let's clear up some confusion...FallofNeoKuja82
I always get a little loopy during finals week...Pooty Boy13
Cake is so good.FoxMetaI8
Test topic...Smithy046
So, about that oil spill?undertaker shy guy6
So I bought a MaxiPad!Solomine7
SW456 vs SW123Pooty Boy2
hey everyone...nalabell14
LotR v SW123456FoxMetaI17
studying Spanish and muscles for a P.E. test at the same timenalabell3
Beta leakMith4
Excitement Poll: Should PMS be automatically archived in full?Kodiologist20
Please pray for my dadnalabell34
Starcraft 2freepizza5
yay tennisnalabell1
i'm seeing all these new names...nalabell21
Should I buy an X-box 360?willis522511
So Kodiologist has monty left?PaperSpock5
I'm PMS!SpartacusPMS2
So Kodiologist is monty right?freepizza10
Addressing teachers as Mr., Ms., Dr., Prof., or CoachKodiologist17
You know what sucks? The wikipedia pages for Shinto mythologywillis52256
So I haven't watched Empire since Phantom Menace came out (Spoilers?)willis522520
I submitted my resume at 7:55 AM and got a call about an interview at 10:25 AM.Jacehan2
Happy actual Birthday Wil!Jacehan8
The last dream I had before waking up this morning was about PMSGMTELigence2
Games where you get to the boss, but then it's not worth your timewillis522522
Shazam! I got a topic closed!Pooty Boy4
LotR v SW456FoxMetaI2
I'm going to prom!kricketine7
Yet another another quotes out of context topicDont Interrupt Me10
Pics from IcelandMith2
So I wrote a novel.Kodiologist12
High school re-unionsHeyDude5
Got a job interview lined up for Friday afternoon.UtarEmpire5
So what game should I play (out of ten-year-old WRPGs)?willis52256
So... How do things work here?SocioPathology53
Using an Ink-Jet Printer to Print SkinJacehan2
something that really bugs menalabell10
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