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First foray into linux not going as planned.PaperSpock6
I've recently been playing a lot of Hero Academy.Jacehan57
The Unabomber vs. The AmishHeyDude3
Road Trip Log - Day 6Dont Interrupt Me1
Today's PollLinkPrime110
The YouTube RepositoryKylo Force3
Ooh, spoiler tags.Jacehan9
Band namesKodiologist7
In ChicagoShadowSpy14
I know you guys better than I know like, my cousinsHeyDude6
Penn Jillette: A man after my own heartfreepizza2
Post-a-Day May was like a stimulus package.Jacehan13
So, I can still say I don't work out.freepizza7
The school dance was yesterday. All my students are so socially awkward.Jacehan15
I love me some ArizonaHeyDude9
I can finally say I work outHeyDude4
Social Security seems like a dumb sort of compromise.Kodiologist4
Today's ThoughtsKylo Force123
Werewolf tonight?freepizza3
Favorite memories from high schoolHeyDude6
I got into slight trouble at work todayHeyDude4
go devils!Mith16
Everyone prepared for Post-a-day May?freepizza31
PMS Pager: Mostly KodiDont Interrupt Me12
So tiredfreepizza1
So I made a Pottermore account.ShadowSpy19
PMS Pager- EveryoneLinkPrime19
Polyamory sounds so nicefreepizza10
Self-improvement books.HeyDude5
Jace's Music Library Game!Jacehan96
I have all the bug biteswillis52251
What TV shows have you been watching?Jacehan19
I hate when people hate things because a lot of other people hate things.freepizza8
My friend is being awful to me :(HeyDude5
Any one else HATE the new Verizon commerical?LinkPrime15
Always something manHeyDude5
In honor of Mothers Day: Mother-related observation topicDont Interrupt Me3
We have 3 pagesShadowSpy7
Thing I don't quite get about presidential tactics...PaperSpock16
Breaking up goes much smoother when you're both super rational.Jacehan10
Alright, seriously guys.Mith1
So I'm getting my plumbing fixed...HeyDude8
The Geometry of PastaJacehan14
Qwantz has changed the way I speakHeyDude6
Poor Max Paynewillis52257
Ex-girlfriend's wedding this weekend: Wine?willis522511
Rainy Day Women in Dubstep is... okay?willis52251
PMS Roll Call '12Kodiologist16
Never eat just meat and potatoes for dinner :(HeyDude6
Anyone else occasionally get sent to the game board?PaperSpock3
Yo Mithfreepizza2
Favorite movie to quote?HeyDude6
10 days in, Post-A-Day May is still strongHeyDude5
The Avengers was UH-MA-ZIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!LinkPrime116
Girlfriend gonna be out of the house for the weekfreepizza19
Monosyllabic Discussions Redux!PaperSpock17
lol, mobile night modeMith3
Hippo Adventure RepriseToaps5
Reasons why Aman leftPooty Boy8
What's the Web's stupidest comic?Kodiologist5
If I hadn't tried a sword-minimal run of The Wind Waker...Dont Interrupt Me8
The bridge and groom gave the whole wedding party cavalry sabres.Jacehan1
I ran a marathon today, and boy, are my legs tired!GMTELigence5
Submerged in a tub of spiders...freepizza2
Kids are a rich experienceHeyDude16
Some of my gaming group have taken to playing speed Shadows over Camelot.Dont Interrupt Me4
PMS by the numbers, year 2Kodiologist16
I had sweet and sour pork with a beer for dinnerToaps2
I like weddings. I hate bad wedding DJs.Jacz the Mage3
My Karma is the year I was born.PaperSpock2
My iphone just died.ShadowSpy4
Have you ever been banned/temp banned from G-faqs and why?freepizza13
High SchoolHeyDude2
If I had a wax museumPaperSpock2
Alex's PMS Awardsfreepizza7
Michio Kaku and Moore's LawToaps5
C is for...HeyDude3
I take no offense at the mobile version of this sitewillis52253
I have an idea for a Pokemon holiday but I'm not sure about the date.Dont Interrupt Me8
C is forPaperSpock2
Fred's guitar topicToaps1
B is forHeyDude3
A Homecoming of SortsGMTELigence22
Attn Programmers: How do I get faster/better?ShadowSpy9
I enjoyed today's top ten listwillis52253
Due to the other game not working temporarily...PaperSpock3
Anyone getting Diablo on the 15th?freepizza12
Today's Post of the Day Brought To You By the Letter AHeyDude10
For May Day, I'm protesting for workers' rights by posting herewillis52253
Things People Say Taken from their Original Contextwillis52254
Spotlight Vs Windows Searchfreepizza9
I got a pullup barwillis52258
I'm going to get to hear the president speak tomorrow.PaperSpock5
I'm moving in the relatively near future and...Pooty Boy4
Back from New York/New Jersey!Pooty Boy5
My last topic got us back to two pages!Pooty Boy3
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